Initial setup

These notes detail procedures necessary to set up local and remote environments to use the tools discussed in this course.

Every student should follow these procedures once, at the beginning of the semester.

Connect to delenn

We will use the school’s “delenn” server for our work.

Ask me for your login name and password. The address for SSH is delenn.stetson.edu and the port is 2222. Take note of the port.

Off-campus access

If you are off campus, you cannot connect to delenn with Putty/SSH until you first connect to the VPN.

Download FortiClient. Configure it as an SSL VPN, IP address, port 443, and your Stetson username (e.g., jeckroth or dplante) and Stetson password (not delenn password!).

FortiClient VPN

Configure SSH

delenn serves various web interfaces on specific ports. Port 8080 is RStudio, while 9000 will be used for Hadoop services. These ports will only be accessible via a tunnel through SSH.

You must connect to delenn via SSH before you can use RStudio or Hadoop web interfaces. If you don’t connect with SSH first, the ports will not be available.

Since we are using port forwarding, you will access delenn web interfaces by connecting to localhost:8080 for RStudio or localhost:9000 for Hadoop services.

PuTTY (Windows)

Port forwarding for ports 8080 and 9000:

PuTTY tunneling

SSH (OS X, Linux)

Edit the file ~/.ssh/config and add this to the bottom:

Host delenn
  HostName delenn.stetson.edu
  User jeckroth  <--------- replace
  Port 2222
  LocalForward 8080   # RStudio:
  LocalForward 9000   # Hadoop web interface:

Now you can connect in the terminal with the command ssh delenn

Create a Bitbucket account

If you have not already, create a free Bitbucket account.

Configure git

You’ll need to tell git your name and email. Every commit is recorded with a name and email. You should use the same email address you used when you created a Bitbucket account.

Log into delenn via SSH. Execute these commands (use your own name and email!):

git config --global user.name "Joshua Eckroth"  <--- change to your name
git config --global user.email "jeckroth@stetson.edu"  <--- change to your email

Configure RStudio & Bitbucket

After configuring SSH (see above) and logging in (so that the tunneling is active), visit http://localhost:8080 to access RStudio. Login with your delenn credentials.

Configure RStudio

We’ll need to set up an SSH key to use Bitbucket. We can do this from RStudio (which is cool!). In the Tools menu, click “Global Options…”

Configure RStudio

Click “Git/SVN” on the left menu.

Configure RStudio

Click “Create RSA Key…”

Configure RStudio

If desired, provide a password. Then click “Create”.

Configure RStudio

The public/private key pair will be generated. Click “Close”.

Configure RStudio

Next, we need to tell Bitbucket about your public key. Click “View public key”.

Configure RStudio

Copy the public key. We’ll soon paste it on the Bitbucket website.

Configure RStudio

Now, go to Bitbucket, and click your avatar on the top-right, then click “Manage account”.

Configure RStudio

Click “SSH keys” on the left menu.

Configure RStudio

Click “Add key”.

Configure RStudio

Paste your public key (copied earlier) and click “Add key”.

Configure RStudio

Now you should be ready to follow the RStudio workflow.

CINF 401 material by Joshua Eckroth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Source code for this website available at GitHub.