Assignment 4

How to confirm or deny that these tweets are Russian?

Data source, on delenn: /bigdata/data/russiantweets (plus notes.txt).

  • hour of day of tweets:
    • btw, the time posted (created_at or created_str) is in GMT
    • are russian tweets posted in times that people commonly tweet?
    • worldwide-times.csv, from https://blog.bufferapp.com/best-time-to-tweet-research
    • are the tweets posted during russian work hours?
    • eddie, mimi, tierney
  • timezone of users:
    • are user accounts distributed according to timezone the same as US pop?
      • just for those users who say they’re in US timezone
      • https://metricmaps.org/2017/05/22/2846/
    • hayden, hans
  • days of the week that tweets occur, generally?
    • vs. when people normally post on twitter
    • brandon
  • time users were created
    • pivotal points in election?
    • compare actual creation times vs. uniform distribution
    • emily, andrew, tram
  • followers vs. age of account
    • probably buying followers if lots of followers for young accounts
    • sam, duncan, dearvis

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