Assignment 4

Create two plots about pokemon. Data available here.

Write all of your code in an RMarkdown or R script file. Submit on bitbucket as “cinf401-assignment-4”.

All plots must use a color scheme derived from this infographic.

Plot 1: bar chart; x-axis: pokemon type (name, not id), y-axis: % of pokemon with that type (or count with that type); show % or count above each bar

Plot 2: scatter plot with optional smoothed lines; x-axis: power of move, y-axis: accuracy of move; color of points/lines: damage class (name, not id); include legend explaining the colors

Plot 3: line plot; x-axis: experience level, y-axis: experience required to reach that level; color of lines: experience growth rate type (not id); optional bonus karma: show latex formula for growth rate; include legend explaining the colors

Plot 4: histograms; x-axis: location encounter rate, y-axis: frequency; use facet wrap to separate histograms by encounter method (name, not id)

Plot 5: stacked bar chart; x-axis: item category (name, not id), y-axis: % of items in that category (stacked bars should always add up to 100%); bar fill color: item flags (name, not id)

Plot 6: bipartite graph (like this); left and right side have same list of pokemon in same order; lines indicate pokemon X and breed with pokemon Y; refer to breeding compatibility on this chart (from here); optional bonus karma: show pokemon images as well as or instead of names

Individual assignments

Plot 1:

Plot 2:

Plot 3:

Plot 4:

Plot 5:

Plot 6:

Whiteboard from class


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